Public Address or Voice Alarm (PA/VA) Systems

Public address or voice alarm (PA/VA) systems are electronic sound amplification and distribution systems comprising microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers that are capable of broadcasting live and pre-recorded messages, tones or alarm.

Different types of loudspeakers are available:

  • Ceiling speakers
  • Wall mounted speakers
  • Horn speakers
  • Spherical speakers
  • Sound projectors

In safety applications, PA/VA systems are used as an emergency notification system when it is of paramount importance that inhabitants and rescue teams are given timely warnings and accurate information conveyed via crisp and clear audio. This enables people to be safely directed towards safety shelters and evacuation routes and away from the hazard.

Simpler PA/VA systems are used in small venues such as school auditoriums while large PA/VA systems comprising several speakers are used in industrial, government, transport (airports and trains stations) and residential building complexes and in other large areas such as university campuses, stadia, public grounds, etc.