Master Clock System

A master clock system utilizes a precision master clock to provide timing signals to synchronize slave clocks as part of a clock network. The master clock in such installation is controlled by an accurate quartz crystal oscillator, usually referenced to an external frequency standard such as MSF, which is part of a world-wide timekeeping system. The clock network provides synchronized time keeping throughout the facility and is powered centrally thus improving efficiency and safety.

Master Clock systems are available in various display options

  • Wireless/Remote Controlled Clocks
  • Multi Colors display clocks
  • Multi sided clocks
  • Available for dial diameters from 3 meters up to 10 meters ToE – Time over Ethernet
  • High end effective Software to synchronize all computers on a LAN to the correct time
  • Malfunction (alarms) SNMP traps are sent to a supervising management station
  • Irregularity emails can be sent a configurable address
  • Central Clock Systems for schools, Universities, Hospitals, Railways, Airports & Industries